Nicole Garza
Find the Old Me
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Hello it's me
The girl you used to be
I wish the new you
Would find the old me
I'm still waitin right here
Oh waiting to be freed
I need the new you
To find the old me

To help you realize
Holding on strong
Through the tears in my eyes
Lost and lonely
Your not who you used to be
Why can't the new you
Find the old me

Sometimes where you're going
You feel so all alone
But with all you've been through I've been right here with you
Find your way back home

It's me you need
Can't you hear my plea?
I need the new you to turn around and see can't you see that it's me,

And I know if I (just) believe
And I trust in me
There's a greater plan
I can understand
Who I really am

Hello it's me
The girl you used to be
I wish the new you would find the old me
Lyrics Credits: Nicole Garza
Music Credits: Nicole Garza, Josh Holmes, Chris G
Performance Credits: Anthony Bracco, Garrett McGinn
Song Length: 3:07
Primary Genre: R & B-Soul
Secondary Genre: Pop-Rock
Tempo: Slow (71 - 90)
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later