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Reinvented now sold on iTunes
With The Bangles back in action, here's some local women in music
Article by Tom Lounges 9/29/2011
Nicole Garza gets Reinvented
Article by Tom Lounges 8/25/2011
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Nicole sings with Maggie Speaks
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In anticipation for Nicole's 2010 CD Release, Tom Lounge's writes a FANTASTIC article on Nicole's past and upcoming successes.
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Nicole plays for several different venues within the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, IN. They love her so much, they gave her her own page!!!!
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Nicole featured in Robby Celestin Article
Nicole sings acoustic set at Robby Celestin's CD release party! Check out Steve Blaze's article on NWI Live!!
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Nicki G download page now available at Apple iTunes! Download your copy of Versatility today!!! Spread the word!
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